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Welcome to the World Wide Willard!

I'm Willard the Bear, welcome to my humble home on the Web.

This is Willards OLD website - you will be redirected to his new one shortly, or you can click Here

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If you want to know what a bear is doing on the Web, then hopefully this site will help to explain it!

Most people who come here have heard about my travel exploits, and want to know more. (New Trip in progress, "Never say DOWNGRADE Again" - Fifth episode uploaded as of 31 August 2010)

Look at my new news page to find out what's new on the site, what I'm up to at the moment, and for an abject Apology for my neglect of the site, an my reports

If you want to know more about me, and how I came to be an International Jet-Setter, you can find out all about me here.

If you like me and my travels, you will probably like some of my own favorite links.

Whatever you do, enjoy it, and do it in style - remember: Friends don't let Friends fly coach!

Enjoy your Visit - Willard the Bear.

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